Fallen valley: buried memory

A documentary about families that want to rescue the rest of their ancestors from the Fallen Valley, where they were buried without consent. Production for the Basque Public TV.

Technical Sheet

  • Director: Oier Plaza
  • Scriptwriter: Oier Plaza – Ivan Batty – Garazi Velasco
  • Editing: Hannot Mintegia – Mikel Etxebarria
  • Production: Eider Plaza - Iván Crespo - Garazi Velasco
  • Ekoizpen exekutiboa: Eider Plaza
  • Photography: Kerman Goikuria
  • Color-grading: Mikel Etxebarria
  • Sound: Daniel Asua - Ager Galarza
  • Subtitles: Arrate Landaluze
  • Poster design: Mikel Etxebarria
  • Archive: EiTB - EFE - ATRESMEDIA
  • Artist: Elisabeth Pérez Fernández
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